PS5 sold 20 million units globally

The PlayStation 5 console has just passed a significant milestone in sales.

According to GamesIndustry and Veronica Rogers (head of global sales and business at Sony Interactive Entertainment), the console has been sold over 20 million times worldwide.

According to the statement, it does not say whether these figures were sold-in numbers to retailers or sold through estimates to customers. The most recent update was for 19.3 millions sold by March 2022.

It’s worthwhile to read the following, as well as the plans for major production.

We are proud to announce that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), has sold more than 20,000,000 PlayStation 5 consoles worldwide.

Our team worked tirelessly to bring the next-generation console to market since their first game was launched. We want to thank our fans for their support. We are driven by your passion for the PlayStation brand and inspire us to create new technologies, engineer the future gaming, and make the PlayStation world the best place to play.

For those who haven’t yet received a PlayStation 5, please be aware that we are planning a major launch of PS5 production in the coming year. We are also working tirelessly to ensure that PlayStation 5 is made available to everyone who desires it.

Sony Interactive Entertainment stated that plans to increase production of the PS5 were also discussed in a recent corporate presentation.

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