PS5 Turns Off & On by Itself – Solution to Fix It

PS5 Does Not Turn On & Off by Itself – How to Fix It – The causes and solutions to this mysterious problem on your PlayStation 5.


The most common problem with PS5 owners is the inexplicable turning off of the device. It is easy to fix, however.


PS5 turns off & on by itself – Cause

All of this revolves around the PlayStation5’s HDMI Device Link Set. It’s possible for your PS5 to turn on if it’s turned on and the system is connected to your TV. It can also turn off when the TV is in energy saving mode. This is a bit annoying.

This explanation alone will make it very unlikely that you can solve the problem on your own. However, we are going to show you how to prevent it from happening again.

PS5 turns off & on by itself – Fix it!

The solution to this problem, however annoying it may seem, is simple. Simply turn on your PS5 then do the following:

Settings > HDMI > Disable HDMI link

You just need to activate the HDMI Link. This will disable the One Touch Play and Power Off Link. It will also allow you to switch on your PS5 independently from your TV.


PS5 turns off & on by itself – Other Causes & Solutions

There are other causes that your PS5 might turn off or on by itself. Here’s how to fix them


The update runs in rest mode and your PS5 may restart after an update. It shouldn’t be a problem in principle, as it happens on Xbox and PC. The system will go into rest mode if you stop playing and update if it is available. You can change the update settings in Settings if it is annoying.

Remote Access

You may also be interested in another option: Power Saving > Enable turning on PS5 from Network

You can use this option to turn your PS5 on from your other devices such as your phone. It is an excellent option in principle, but it can cause problems if you don’t like it.

Stay connected to the Internet

This option allows you stay connected to the internet in rest mode. We recommend that you leave this option on. If you find that you are entering rest mode a lot and it causes you problems, you can disable it.

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