PSA: You can explore Pokemon Legends Arceus in first-person

This camera trick will give you an extra sense of immersion when you play Pokemon Legends Arceus.

As TAHK0 tweeted, you can zoom in to a first-person view in Pokemon Legends Arceus. However, you cannot catch Pokemon or do much else beyond exploring the world. It might be an option for you if first-person mode is your preferred way to explore Pokemon Legends Arceus’ vast open world.

To roam around Pokemon Legends Arceus first-person, you just need to hold the left trigger button. Although it was originally intended to focus/zoom, it clearly serves multiple purposes. This feature is especially useful in this Pokemon game, as it’s located in a vast and explorable open-world unlike other linear entries in the series.

Pokemon Legends Arceus launched today and is receiving mostly positive reviews from both players and critics. GamesRadar’s 5-star review states that Pokemon Legends Arceus, despite its performance problems and poor textures, is “a must play game for anyone who wants to train Pokemon.” Sam Loveridge, GR, was impressed by the game’s realistic setting, innovative gameplay features, and exceptional storytelling.

If you are thinking about buying the game, make sure to read our guide to the best Pokemon Legends Arceus starter before you make your choice.

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