PSVR2 accidentally confirmed that 2023 launch was the upcoming Walking Dead game

This post was not updated to remove the detail. Instead, we saved it here in case of emergency (pic: Sony).

The PSVR2 is expected to be available in April, according to the details of Resident Evil 4 and Walking Dead.

Despite its current state of play, Sony’s PlayStation VR2 was still a key focus of the game. It was never used and there was no update on the release date or price.

Sony appears to have revealed its release date for 2023 in one of its post-presenting updates.

This is the most recent update to the Walking Dead VR game: The Walking Dead – Saints and Other Characters.

Oculus Quest 2 is an acronym for the sexiest video games in the world. It is now being developed for the PlayStation VR 1 and 2 platforms.

Developers shared new information about New Orleans and the plan for it. With PlayStation VR2, you can access your visuals better, have more precise hand tracking, and find more levels.

It lists the game coming to PlayStation VR in the late 2022, and then Xbox VR2 by 2023.

This matches what an analyst had claimed a few months back. They stated that Sony had to delay its PlayStation VR2 release to 2023 internally due to difficulty obtaining the parts required to make it.

We looked at all of the VR games that were shown during the presentation and found that most don’t have a release date.

The March 24th 2023 release of Evil 4 is planned. PlayStation VR2 is not yet available for purchase, which means that it will be unavailable until its release.

If there are delays or changes to the schedule, the PlayStation VR2 could be released as soon as April 2023.

Horizon: Call Of The Mountain will run simultaneously.

However, the price of the headset is still unknown, particularly considering rumours that are difficult to believe given its advanced technology.


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