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PUBG Mobile debuts new mobile gaming anti-cheat system

PUBG Mobile debuts new mobile gaming anti-cheat system

Are you fed up having to play online against cheaters and hackers? Then you’re in luck, thanks to the release of the latest revolutionary PUBG Mobile anti-cheat application called Fog of War

There’s a new and exciting anti-cheat system available in the PUBG Mobile called Fog of War, which adds innovative technology to mobile gaming to enhance the gaming experience of players all over the globe. The system is based on limiting the information shared with other players. This will stop cheaters who want to employ the x-ray sight (known in the field of Wall hacks) to monitor players’ movements across walls.

The brand-new PUBG Anti-cheat Mobile program has already led to significant reductions in cheating and cheating, with an average reduction of 50% and achieving results of up to 62% in certain regions throughout the testing phase. This is a significant reduction and could make a massive difference in online games and improve the experience for all those involved.

It’s called Fog of War anti-cheat software and is the first of its kind, utilizing advanced technology to restrict the information that servers send to players, and reduce the amount of information used by cheaters to cheat the game. The software is already available on specific maps and is now slowly rolling out to all maps in battlefield mode. We hope that this will make an impact on the cheating issues that have been a problem before and will encourage other developers to use similar methods to prevent these problems before they become widespread.

For a look at the new PUBG Mobile anti-cheat application Watch the trailer that introduces the game below.

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