PUBG Mobile teams with Squid Game star Jung Ho Yeon

September 23, 2022

It’s PUBG Mobile Jung Ho Yeon partnership lets players of the Squid Game star team up with the mobile game to receive a selection of in-game cosmetics and treats


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Collaboration time for the PUBG Mobile The mobile game teams up with the famous Jung Ho Yoon. a South Korean international star known for her performance in Kang Sae’s book in The Netflix original show Squid Game, which also acts as her acting debut which is a fantastic first award for which she received an award. Jung Ho Yeon is also famous for her role as a high fashion model, which is evident as a model in Korean models and in the Korean editions of Vogue in addition to Elle.

In the case of it’s the PUBG Mobile Jung Ho Yeon collaboration you can expect to fight the king of pop as she plays the role of Nusa Commissioner for the PUBG Mobile 2.2 update. This is in conjunction with the launch of the brand new map with an action-packed and fast-paced experience with a gorgeous background.


For cosmetic items, there’s Ho Yeon’s Ho Yeon operation range set and Ho Yeon’s purple crown skin, Ho Yeon purple crown Pan skin and Ho Yeon’s queen of thorns skin, Ho Yeon queen of thorns ornament as well as the Ho Yeon deadly kiss skin. As you will see that there’s plenty to buy to give your soldier the look of a fashionista in the field.

When will begin the PUBG Mobile Jung Ho Yeon partnership begin?

It’s already underway and you can now get into the game and grab the best products.

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