Raise a Floppa Time Machine Guide

How to Raise a Floppa Time Machine – Where, when, and what to do with the Time Machine. Also, how to get the ending


Everybody wants to know how to use the Time Machine. We decided to make this guide, as it is easier than it looks.


Raise a Floppa Time Machine Guide – Steps?

These are the steps you need to take in order to use the Time Machine.

  1. Get 100% faith in the Altar
  2. Talk to OG Floppa.
  3. Get the Time Cube.
  4. Return to your home.
  5. Purchase the Time Machine.
  6. Complete.

That’s all. You’ve got the Time Machine. Now we’ll show you how to use it. It is, by the way. One of two possible uses for the Time Cube.

What is the Time Machine doing in Raise a Floppa

The Time Machine can be purchased from The Interwebs for 1 Time Cube. It’s a portable toilet that can travel through the time. You have two options when it comes to using the Time Cube.

To get the Future, Past, and Eternity Badges you can use the Time Machine

It’s one of two possible endings to the game. The other is the Time Machine ending. Follow the steps in this guide to get the Mysterious Orb end.


Video Guide

Jay Dum’s video guide is available to you. It will show you how to travel into the future and the past and give you the end of time thanks to the time machine.

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