Ravenbound The YA books’ new titles have a rumor

The fantasy third-person rogue is situated in an ancient setting where the players have to use a raven to fight off invading forces.

The reference to Ravenbound get more intense. Meanwhile an image (see tweet) came out that has an intriguing title. The snippet is a real-life game.

Video leaked of the game from Ravenbound! Ravenbound is a game that is scheduled to be played which was released earlier this week. I saved those images prior to when they were deleted. #Revenbound #Ybox #playstation pic.twitter.com/b03xL4cqTB-Ravenbound_dxtwp/.

Rebs Gaming (@Mr.Rebs_) June 17, 2022

A message from June 15th 2022. Avalanche Studios is working on a variety of games, including an ambitious game called The Ravenbound: Tales of Avalt Thanks to an leak that revealed the first details revealed. The Leaker Shaun Weber and the mostly knowledgeable reporter Tom Henderson are responsible for this.

Weber and Henderson discuss the title also known as Jackdaw and Jackdaw, as a novel fantasy game. In a fantasy medieval setting the players will be able to battle intruders. When they transform into ravens like Senu or Assassins Creed Origins’, enemies are spotted from above or pathways are explored.


The player dies. The game begins with three players with various weapons and abilities. Every deck is comprised of three cards that include a culture, weapon, and a trait card. The players can purchase new maps and upgrade them using coins snatched from enemy camps.

Cards are also awarded as they progress in level. According to Weber the players could get an alternative to Dead Cells but in a world that is free of regulation. The battles may take place in real-time.

Then, Henderson wants from sources who have been there to know that Ravenbound will have the structure of a season, with the game will have new missions, reward systems and enemies will be added to the game every month. It’s not clear what time the game will to be released. Weber said that it appears like it’s underdeveloped.

Avalanche Studios announced that they are developing an Open-world gaming game to be released for Xbox Game Pass last year. There’s not much information about this game as Avalanche Studios has only announced the short teaser trailer in the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase last year.

More information to be announced.

In a press release, Microsofts Aaron Greenberg emphasized that the game from the 1970s was set in a fictional nation known as Bayan. Two weeks ago, Microsoft registered a brand new trademark to be used in Contraband.

The game’s #leaked image has been leaked. Ravenbound. pic.twitter.com/33oMS34vcO.

Shaun Weber (@just4leaks2) June 14, 2022.


Screenshot from the unremarkable game, Ravenbound pic.twitter.com/V9nrFiwgma.

Shaun Weber (@just4leaks2) June 15, 2022

Read more about them here: https://t.co.VSNisRcknx, #Ravenbound #Xbox, postcode pic.twitter.com/5YYX25h7HN.

Rebs Gaming (@Mr.Rebs) June 14, 2022

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