Razer and TUMI quit Gamer-Focused Luggage and backpacks – and also Debut Gamer-Focused

What is there that can’t get better by marketing directly to gamers? Razer and lifestyle company TUMI have teamed up to create the limited-run line of gaming-themed luggage.


The new capsule-series includes four products: a carry-on bag, backpack, sling bag, and laptop sleeve. The Razer redesign included a new black and neon green look and design inspired by esports. The slideshow below shows you four of the products.

This new collection is designed for gamers who are passionate about esports and business trips. The backpack and the sling bag are made to protect delicate computer equipment.

In a press release, Addie Tan (Director of Business at Razer) stated that we are happy to have formed a partnership to bring this exclusive collection into our gaming community. Our fans are active and often need to carry their battle stations around with them when they travel. We wanted to provide them with top-quality travel gear so they could continue their winnings while on the move.

The prices range from $195 to $895 for a laptop sleeve and the suitcase. You can pre-order all four pieces on Razer’s website. Each item is limited to only 307 units in the world, but that’s fair.


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