Realm Grinder Secret Trophies

Realm Grinder Secret Trophyhies – Find out how to unlock all Secret Trophies, and where you can find them.


Realm Grinder Secret Trophies: Full List

  • Let: You can have exactly 1337 coins at any time.
  • Unitary – You can only have one of any building at a time.
  • Building Hater – Reach 100,000 Coins, without building anything
  • Grand Diplomat : Ally with every faction at least once.
  • Exchange Master – Purchase 500 Royal Exchanges in one game.
  • Lucky Neutral: Spend 7777 minutes being Neutral (5d 9h 37m)
  • Perfectly good: Spend 325 hours being good (13d 21h).
  • Diabolical Evil – Spend 6 days, 666 minutes, and 666666 second being Evil (16d 22h17m 6s).
  • Assistant Squaresher: Click 100 Times on the little assistant in your realm.
  • Rewind – Abdicate after producing at minimum 1 Oc (1E27), Coins.
  • Faction Grinder – Purchase the first 6 Faction Heritage Upgrades in one game.
  • Master Archeologist – You have found all the relics from the Ancient Races (Titans and Druids as well as the Faceless).
  • Spellfury – Cast Tax Collection with 3 spells activated
  • Speed Run – Reach 1M (1E6) coins in under 5 minutes without Gem Power (Can also be done at R0).
  • Equality – Have no less than three days of playtime and less than one minute of playtime between the 3 alignments.
  • Beard Carpet – Have at least 1km of beards on your assistants. (This takes 1d3h 47m.
  • Premeditation : You must have at least 850 Dark Temples in any run before you can affiliate with the Drow.
  • Fast Forward – Accumulate an offline time at least 88 hours. All your offline reports count towards this goal (3d 16h and This R).
  • You Need a Headstart?: Do nothing for five minutes after you start a new game.
  • Realm Digger – Excavate 400 Times
  • Harlequin Mercenary: You can choose one upgrade from 11 factions.
  • Lucifer – As a Good Mercenary you can only purchase upgrades to Evil mercenary factions or vice versa.
  • Mathematician – Have building amounts that are exactly 2tier-1 starting at 20 Halls of Legends (1024 farms, 512 inns, and 256 blacksmiths), 128, 64, 32. 16, 8, 4, 2, 2 and 1 Hall of Legends
  • Mercenary spirit: Reincarnate as a Mercenary.
  • Bloodstream – Purchase 100 upgrades from each faction to become a Mercenary (across all Reincarnations).
  • Unlimited mana: Recover at least 300 mana every second.
  • Science and Technology!: All research equipment.
  • Exchange Lord – Purchase 1500 Royal Exchanges in one game.
  • Magician – Discover at least 10 Spellcraft Studies.
  • Artisan – Discover at least 10 Craftsmanship Researches.
  • Demigod – Discover at least 10 Divine Researches.
  • Businessman – Discover at least 10 Economics Researches.
  • Apothecary – Discover at least 10 Alchemy Researches.
  • Warlord – Discover at least 10 Warfare Researches.
  • Faction Run – Reach 1M (1.5E6) Faction Coins within 5 minutes without Gem Power, Excavations or any spell.
  • No Recruiting – Reach 1 Novg (1E90), gems in a Reincarnation, without ever affiliating to the Mercenaries.
  • Quickly Excavated: Excavate 1000 Times in 30 Seconds.
    (Can be done starting at R9+
  • glho Kohhl Snod: Just whispering these words makes your heart beat harder …”
    (In the options try to import this: Glho Kohhl Snod
  • Mana Matrix – Have exactly 4767 maximum mana
  • Suggestion Master – Open the Changelog and think about what you could add for 3 minutes. (To open the Changelog, click on the Version Number in the Options.
  • Rule’dis – Abdicate 10 times in 3 minutes
  • Because I Like to Grind – Spend at least 3 hours in one game.
  • Stoic Resistance Obtain a treasury that is equal to the amount required for the first Reincarnation (1Oc (1E27), gems)) without abdicating from the beginning of a new Reincarnation
  • Van!shment – Reach an Offline Bonus at least 1 Qa (1E15),% PA: 1895%
  • Iron Rush – Reach 725 Iron Strongholds within 5 minutes with no Gem Power or Reincarnation Power This trophy is not available with Siege (W400), or Underground Foundations (Dwarf 5).
  • Advisor Insight – Click the Hint Button 100 Times
  • Helden Sterben Nicht Join Mercenaries then Undead then Angels within 15 minutes of the start of a new game session.
  • Mana Loss: Mana regeneration should be higher than maximum mana.
  • God’s Fingers – Reach 100 M (1e8) automatic Clicks in this Reincarnation
  • True Harlequin Mercenary: You can choose from 15 factions to upgrade your character.

Post Ascension Secret Trophies

  • Triple Weirdness : : 3333 of each Royal Exchange
  • Colorful Automaticcasting (PA).: Each type of autocasting should be active simultaneously. To trigger this trophy, you must use the buttons on the spell tooltip and not keyboard shortcuts. Check “Enable Spell Toolstip Persist” in the options.
  • Spell Cataclysm: At least four spells must be active on tier 5 and higher.
  • Dragon Tamer (PA).: Completely develop your Spiky egg into an Elder Dragon.
  • Prismatic mana (PA).: You can cast the same number of Faction spells for all Vanilla and Neutral factions, with a minimum 100 each. (Can only unlocked once you have ascended)
  • Autoclicker: 40 clicks per second. Only available at R60 and higher (Currently bugged, may need less than 40).
  • Exchange High Lord: Buy 5000 royal coins in one game.
  • Genealogist: You can have a total 300 lineage levels.
  • Holy Frenzy: In a single reincarnation have at least three days of combined activity from Blood Frenzy or Holy Light.
  • Uniformity (PA2) : Have no less than three days of playtime and have less than one-minute of playtime for Balance, Order, and Chaos alignments
  • Art of the Crow (PA2) – Excavate 6 complete Faction Artifact sets
  • Faction Ruler (PA2) : Get all Advanced Heritages
  • MAD Masques (PA2) – R125+, Search all fragments from the Makers, Archon, and Djinn Masks.
  • Future Linkin (PA2) : A2+ Abdicate with at minimum 150,000 Unique Buildings

Realm Grinder Secret Trophies – FAQ

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