Redfall campaign progress is tied only to the host in co-op

Redfall’s cooperative elements have been the subject of a lot of talk lately. A new interview has revealed a few new details.

Harvey Smith, Redfall’s game designer, told IGN . that campaign progress would only be saved for the host of a run. This means that even if you complete a level in someone else’s campaign, you will still need to do the same level in your own campaign. Smith claims Arkane’s original intention was for all players in a session “to get credit” for completing levels. However, this would have made it awkward for those who leave Arkane’s game to attempt the same mission in their own games.

Smith stated, “So to maintain the flow of things, you will need to redo them.” It would make the story very confusing if mission 8 said “skip this one, you’ve done it already.”

Smith said that your character’s progress (including loot) will be carried over from another player to your campaign. Theoretically, you could max your character while playing in another player’s campaign, then go back to your own playthrough at the first level, and simply plow through everything.

Smith also revealed some new information about Redfall in the same interview. It has been confirmed that once you start your playthrough, you will not be able to change your character. So make sure you choose carefully. You won’t have the ability to respecify your character. Also, any changes you make to your skill tree will become permanent. The interview contains a lot of new information, but these are just a few highlights.

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