Remake Evil 4: Fans Spot Potential Connections to Evil Evil village

RPG 4 was announced in yesterday’s PlayStation State of Play. However, fans have already dissected the trailer and discovered strong connections to RPG Village.


Reddit user kaijumediajames (below) noticed the most obvious connection between the two games. He pointed out the similarities between Mother Miranda’s cult symbol Village and the trailer.

These paragraphs are short spoilers about Wild osprey.

These images are very similar. Resident Evil 4 is set more than 20 years before Village and, consequently, before the death Mother Miranda, so it is possible that Capcom could link them (especially since they “reimagine” Village’s story).

Reddit also showed a man shaking his head, comparing the image of Saddler (probable antagonist) in the trailer with the original Village version of Mother Miranda’s. This scene was shown after the cult symbol was displayed on screen.

This post also reveals that Plagas, the parasites that make Resident Evil 4’s villagers nasty, are different from the Caduo in Village. Mother Miranda also experiments with another parasite and infects her own village while trying to revive her daughter.

It was unclear that Saddler had learned the Plagas from the original village, according to the author. Reddit user Redditor Miranda believes that Mother Miranda discovered Saddler while researching a thief and spoutable specifi species. This led to Resident Evil 4.

Village was used to start many of the Red Age’s parts. This essentially explains the origins and story that sparked the entire franchise. The Duke of village also refers to Resident Evil 4’s merchant as an old friend.

They will have to wait to see if the original is true, but they have more time for speculation as the remake is not expected to be available until March 24, 2023.


We don’t have much information about the game, other than that Leon’s jacket can be bought for $1,500 in real life. We did receive another episode of State of Play. However, it was the day Village announced that VR support would be made available to the station.

IGN’s roundup provides more information about the event as well as the information that is available for it.

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