Report: Street Fighter 6 Roster Leaked!

Capcom announced the first Street Fighter 6 game details yesterday at Sony’s state-of-play. However, the Street Fighter 6 roster has been leaked.

This list was shared on Twitter and ResetEra. It features graphic art that is in sync with the new map. Zetra3 shared this image: It shows one of the Reddit leaked characters:


Like all doubts, take it with a grain. Fake news can be good. Even if it is legit, there are no guarantees that the entire roster will be available. It’s a balanced roster with new and familiar characters. However, some familiar faces may appear in the seasonal cartoon roll-outs as we saw in Street Fighter 5.

What fighter would you like to see?

Street Fighter 6 will arrive sometime in 2023 for the PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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