Requiem: Hands-on preview of the medieval adventure

Now, we are three years old and in the loop: Plague Tale: Angrily and The Miserables Of The Man of Rune. The success of the action-adventure made it clear that there would be a sequel. We now know that A Plague Tale will be released for PC, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch later in the year. It was shown at the Tribeca film festival, New York. We saw it in Canada today. Along with Amicia, we had a horrible recovery. We were the same age as Amicia, and we faced countless rats, bloodthirsty troops, environmental puzzles, and an amazing amount of atmosphere.

Requiem is a story about a plague. It takes place one year after the end of the last period. We moved to southern France in 12th century. Hugo and Amicia may have escaped from the Inquisition, but young de Rune is still in the same state as before the macula eruption. This chapter comes just one second too late. Hugo is in extreme pain and requires immediate help. Amicia, Lucas and cliche also choose to seek out herbalists beyond the city walls.


1:54The prank tale 2 trailer is now available on Xbox Showcase

Anyone who has played “Innocence” knows that it won’t be overwhelming. We start by crossing the streets of a beautiful town, then we cross the water. You can still see the many people who walk through the water. As the sky gets clearer and sun shines brighter, the city sparkles with its full splendor. It’s easy to see Innocences style, but it’s obvious that Asobo did his best.


A Plague Tale Requiem a hands-on preview. (6) He must not make any mistakes in relation to this issue.

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Requiem has strong colors, which makes it look more real and atmospheric. Sometimes, we don’t enjoy the game world. We’ll once again see the dark side of the middle ages. We are met by a large group of angry people when we leave the butchers. The gate was locked by a group of soldiers who refused to let anyone in. Lucas and Amicia must find a way. This can be quickly identified and often leads to the end for the slaughterhouse waste. We dig through dirt to find other soldiers or rats, and we start with bones, meat, and dead bodies.



Requiem is a new predecessor that uses obscene combat with fire and darkness. The rats avoid light and avoid fire. If we move away, we can rob. This can be used against soldiers, too. First, we meet mechanics from Innocence. It is important to not be nibbled and to distract guards. Then turn out or take out a gun.

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