Riot carries a whole host of changes coming from League’s 12.11 including buffs for 14 different champions from Ryze to Lee Sin

August 19, 2022

Many began to search for the best champions of the game, and Riot Games eventually took over the meta-shifting League of Legends update on live servers. They eventually found them. They plan to make the patches in Patch 12.11 in order to balance the massive changes made in the previous version.

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Riots’s associate game designer Tim Truexy Jiang revealed many changes. There were four pages of buffs and nerfs. Ryze and Lee Sin are two of the most prominent names to get buffs in the next patch.

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Photo by Tim Truexy Jiang

The Rune Mage receives a significant damage increase for Spell Flux and a large drop in mana costs. This will give Ryze more time to spam his ability and distinguish damage in the final-game teamfights. Ryze is stealing his head from champions for a while. His 40 percent win rate is the lowest in the game for any champion.

Lee Sin will receive a two-fold increase in base AD. His Q performance is also increasing at all levels. Blind Monks has seen better days than in Ryze. He has a terrible 44,8 percent win percentage in solo queues.

The patch will go live on Wednesday, June 8th. Other popular picks may increase their popularity. Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover will give her an increase in Qs at all levels and a reduction in mana costs. With a lower kick-off, she’s getting more damage to her 90-gb net.

Tahm Kench, Aphelios and Tryndamere have been given buffs which should allow them to be more active in solo and w/ty-save play. The league’s diversity will be transformed by the many planned changes.

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