Riot is Testing Out a New Affiliate Product

Starting on Wednesday, we’ll begin the first test of our brand new affiliate product that features League of Legends Star Guardian content. The test will be conducted for a month across North America, Brazil, Italy and Germany to test the most creative and innovative esports companies in these areas. Be assured that we will continue to look for additional opportunities to allow participants from other regions in the near future.

Which affiliate products are available?This feature will enable affiliates to advertise content (in the case of this test Star Guardian content) on their preferred platforms via the new Collections Page.

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They will also provide an unique hyperlink to their Collections Page where players can buy directly, without needing to launch the game client. Additionally, a percentage of the purchase will go directly to the company.

What is the reason this test is only available to certain countries and authors?
Although we’d like for the test to be available to everyone, this test is still being developed, and small tests like this assure it’s top-quality prior to its release.

What amount do the affiliates receive from a purchase?
Partners will be paid five to ten percent of profit, based on the Star Guardian skin is purchasedwith their specific link.

How long will this test take?
The test will be held starting on July 14 at 1PM from 1 PM PT until the 9th of August.

How can I be sure my purchase will go to the right affiliate?
Follow these steps in the Help for Players article to ensure that your purchase is in line with one of our partners.

How can I apply to become an affiliate or join future programs similar to this?
We conduct tests on a case-by-case basis, working together with the regional Riot influencers and Esports teams. Future tests could be more expansive and could be open to a larger number of players.

Which are the criteria to be able to be a part of these kinds of program?
There aren’t any specific conditions for eligibility as the participants in this test come from various backgrounds. However, the only thing that everyone has that they share in common is their love for these games , and the ability to create original content for their viewers.

What made these creators and teams of esports be selected?
These teams and creators represent a range of communities and regions from all over the world, which allows us to test this feature with an array of viewers.

What date will it be before we get the listing of the participants?
Participants can post their Collections Page links beginning July 13.

Are affiliates required to disclose the fact that they’re sharing affiliate URL?
Yes, all partners taking part in the test have to be able to disclose their participation.

Do I earn any discount when I use the affiliate link?
The percentage of the earnings will be directly credited to the partner who is supported.

How and when partners will receive their compensation? Does there exist a minimum payout threshold that they must be able to meet in order to receive a payment?
Each of the partners must achieve a minimum of $20 USD before they’ll be paid.

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