Risk of Rain 2 expansion Survivors of the Void coming March 1 with “more of the good stuff”

The first major expansion in Risk of Rain 2, Survivors of the Void is available for PC starting March 1. A console release will follow shortly.

Developer Hopoo Games has announced the Survivors of the Void launch date along with a reveal stream (opens in new tab ) focusing specifically on the Railgunner. This character is one of two new playable characters that were added to the expansion. Steam will first get the $15 DLC, while console gamers will have access in the second quarter 2022.

Survivors of the Void, Risk of Rain 2’s most recent update, features a large number of new enemies, 40 items and four stages. A new wave-based mode, the Simulacrum is available. There’s also an alternate ending with a final boss.

Although the identity of the new character remains a mystery, today’s reveal revealed a lot about the Railgunner. She’s a sort of successor to the Sniper in the original Risk of Rain. The sniper rifle is high-damage and long-range, with a scope for the first person, as well as a short-range SMG and bouncy concussion bombers. She also has an overcharged shot that deals huge damage, but it does have a long cooldown.

We talked to Paul Morse, Duncan Drummond, co-founders of Hopoo Games about the creation of Survivors of the Void and how it builds upon ideas that weren’t possible during Risk of Rain 2’s Early Access period. Survivors of The Void is a collection of everything Hopoo wanted for Risk of Rain 2 and sounds just like what fans are looking for.


Drummond says, “With Survivors of the Void we decided to stick with what people knew and loved about Risk of Rain 2 – content and bosses, bosses, levels and more of the great stuff that was already in the games.” Drummond says, “Everything we want in there should go in. It should be as large as possible. [Survivors of the Void] ought to be everything we wanted in Risk 2. So we poured all the designs we have into it.”

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