RLCS Spring Major 2022 Early Favorites and Bracket Breakdown

It’s precisely what happened. It’s the Spring Split Major of the RLCS (2021-232) is the final major stop before the World Championship. 16 teams have been confirmed for the main kick beginning on June 29 at the Copper Box Arena, London. With 300,000 dollars on the bank and enough points to qualify for the World Championship, this is the last showdown.

Let’s take a look at the teams who have booked their tickets for the opening game ahead of us.



These North American powerhouses like G2 Esports, FaZe Clan, Spacestation Gaming and Version 1 are well-known for their healthy lifestyles. They were among the top five players during the Winter Major, which is an affirmation of the dominance of NA in the RLCS.

Within those titans was the most famous fish ever caught, G2 Esports, world champions of the Winter Major. We believe that’s all we’re capable of doing. As G2 has continued to be dominant in NA regional tournaments, other regional hopefuls are in a tough spot. Although the match is fierce, G2 has great opponents outside of the National Park, so that fans are looking forward to the game.

Moist Esports which was previously Team Queso, was the first to finish second in the Winter Major, but fell behind its competitor in the NA. Because it was Qusos debut appearance in the RLCS which was an absolute miracle. In addition to Moist and the other EU candidates have to redeem themselves after their poor performances in the last major, particularly Team BDS, Team Liquid, Karmine Corp. and Endpoint CeX.

Since the bracket has been in place, we are more prepared for what will happen in the games.

RLCS spring split matching bracket.


The Moists will be rematching against G2 is expected to be a little further away, but they’re going up against an NA underdog with a solid record in its book. Team Envy is another one among Five NA contestants, replacing this time the fan-favorite General NRG. General NRG.

Envys have consistently implemented a variety of events that were regional in scope, which they managed to achieve by comparing them with Spacestation Gaming & Spacestation Gaming in terms of RLCS points. While it’s not a good idea to expect NRG to fall short of the big event occasion, they already have a chance to participate in World Championships.

So, let’s go we’re back to Envy and Moist it’s going to be a tough race with regard to popularity, however, Envy is able to challenge Moist. Envy have welcomed Braxton Allushin Lagarec back on their roster in the past which is a huge improvement.

However, the chances for Envy to earn an World Championship ticket by RLCS points are not that great. The gap in points between Envy and other competitors is 521 points. This isn’t the amount Envy will get even if he wins the tournament.


The odds of overwhelming are not good for any team looking to play an easy game to start. It could be an unbeatable performance to beat the odds, it’s not what Rocket League Esports fans are expecting in the Spring Major. Let’s look at the number of teams that are new, including the ones from lesser-known nations, like Gaimin Gladiators (APAC), PWR (OCE) and Team Falcons (MENA).


A notable match is the match between G2-Esports and Gaimin that from starting was in favor of G2 and is part of the match that started back-to-back in the game. While they were based on Gaimins races, which were deemed by APAC G2-Esports team, they nevertheless became the top ten contenders but they failed in Tokyo Verdy Esports. Actually, Gaimin never lost immediately to TVE since the two teams are regionally distinct, APAC South and North and North, respectively.

This is Gaimins first big debut and to start off one of the most difficult competitors of the year.


Another worthy mention is PWR against FaZe and is expected to be a one-sided affair as well. But PWR’s regional tournaments ran amazing and they have won the three contests, beating Renegades’ Ocean staple. So, we could overlook a potential powerful killer or be a coincidence.

However, FaZe is a force to be reckoned with, and is even one of the top winners from this year’s RLCS Spring Split.

Pioneers which is a local rival to PWR were not too sick in regional competitions either. The Australians even though fans believe they had a great start to the final major, are currently in placed ninth. It’s not a secret to be a home team because they were lucky that their group did not have any elimination.

Being able to welcome new players is an exciting experience at a major event such as Spring Split. This can help you stay in touch with the game streaming live via the Twitch channel as well as follow the latest statistics and updates on your own past through the Rocket League news section.

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