Robert Pattinson talks The Batman: “He’s a freak!”

Robert Pattinson hadn’t auditioned for any comic-book movie until The Batman.

The actor says that he was trying for something quite different. This is Total Film over Zoom’s new issue. It’s available in new tab. It’s the most important part of acting, and it’s the jewel in my crown. It was a part I never thought I could do, especially considering the other parts that I was interested in at the time.

After Ben Affleck’s departure from the role, the character’s future in cinematic was in flux. Pattinson, who has shifted from major blockbuster roles like Harry Potter and Twilight to indie dramas like Good Time and The Lighthouse, was eager to get the role of Bruce Wayne.

He says, “I just kept obsessively monitoring it for the next one or so years.” “Even my agents were interested. You thought you wanted to be total freaks? I thought you only wanted to be total freaks?’

Pattinson, like many others, grew up fascinated with Batman/Bruce. He says that he has seen all of the Batman movies, and not just the ones based on comic-book characters. I was looking forward to their release for years. It was a combination of being attracted to it and feeling like there had been a lot of movies about it. None of these movies are bad. Some of the movies are a bit crappy, but not all of them. They achieve almost everything they set out to do, and they are all very interesting depending on their time and location. I don’t know. It was just something I felt. The character has always been a favorite of mine.”

Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes) will direct Pattinson’s Batman movie. While he won’t go into detail about the character’s history, that tragedy will fuel the character. Pattinson says that he has a lot of trauma in his life and has created a complex, psychological system to deal with it. He laughs, “It’s almost like bad self-therapy. It has led to him becoming Batman at the end.

March 4th, The Batman will be in cinemas. You can read more about Pattinson and Reeves as well as the rest of the cast in the new issue of Total Film (opens in new tab). will be available on Thursday, February 3.

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