Roblox BedWars Pirates Event update log and patch notes

Roblox Bed Wars Pirates Event update log and patch notes

It’s a new update for Roblox. The new Roblox bed wars upgrade includes an array of new features, including balance modifications along with items as well as a range of bugs that have been fixed in the game.

It is the BedWars Pirates Event Update is available in Roblox BedWars on the 27th of August 2022! In this update, players will see a range of bug fixes and changes made to the game experience. This should hopefully resolve any issues you’ve faced and enable you to discover new options to play the game.

Take a look at the BedWars Commands list post to find out all the commands that are available within the game! The complete list of the patch’s official information on Discord is below.

Pirate Event

The event will run beginning (August 27th to September 16th)

  • Special Missions: Perform the Missions in order to get Doubloons.
  • Event Shop Event Shop Doubloons in this special event, to get the exclusive Pirate loot!
  • Treasure Chests: Search for rare treasure chests during games to earn Doubloons!

TNT Wars (NEW)

We are introducing our first LTM which is completely breakable! In this exciting 8v8 LTM the players team up to take out the enemy’s cores using powerful explosives and cannons!
This confusing LTM contains:
3 TNT high-powered cannons
Balloons that fly with TNT
Arrows that explode
4 fun maps that explode!

Hannah Kit

Captain Hannah has taken her pirate team on the full-scale battle of BedWars! With her powerful Execute abilities she is able to speed up and beat every enemy.

The limited-time bundle is available to purchase for the next two weeks. Everything except it will belong to this package.
The kit can be purchased as a stand-alone item after the bundle is over.

Bundle Contents:

  • Hannah Kit
  • Ghost Hannah Kit Skin (Exclusive)
  • Ghost Cutlass Lobby Gadget (Exclusive)
  • “Corsair” Title (Exclusive)
  • Hannah Ghosted Emote (Exclusive)

Davey Buff

Davey is now starting every game by using 1 TNT.

Free Kits of the Week
Farmer Cletus

New Pirate-Themed Maps
Sandy Cove (SkyWars)
Galleon (Squads + Duos)
Ship’s Dock (Squads + Duos)
Skull Island (30v30)
Ruins (TNT Wars)
Plaza (TNT Wars)
Shore (TNT Wars)

Other Changes

  • Battle Pass extended 2 Weeks
  • Console fix for support for Lobby UI


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