Roblox Camera Controls

Roblox Camera Controls

Roblox Camera controls – All camera options and built in options for configuring Roblox’s camera explained


Roblox Camera Controls – Full List

These are the controls.


  • WASD: Move your camera
  • E: Raise camera up
  • Q: Lower camera down
  • Shift: Move camera slower
  • Right Mouse Button (Hold & Drag mouse): Flip Camera
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel: Zoom camera out or in
  • F: Focus only on selected object

You can see that there are not many options for the controls. However, if you want more, you can look at the configuration section which is provided below.

Roblox Camera Controls – Settings

Roblox Studio allows you to configure the settings:

  1. Explorer Windows > StarterPlayer
  2. Properties window > Scroll down > Camera section

Information about all camera settings

Camera Max Zoom Distance and Camera Min Zoom Distance

You have the option of x2 Zoom Distance

  • CameraMaxZoomDistance: in respect to the player character, default value = 300
  • CameraMaxZoomDistance: in respect to the player character, default value = 0.5

Camera Mode

There are two camera modes: x2 and x3.


  • Classic: Zoom in and out, and rotate the camera about the player
  • LockFirstPerson is the first-person mode

Oclusion Mode

There are two x2 Oclusion modes available

  • Zoom: If the player’s character is behind an object with Transparency less than 0.25 the camera zooms in very closely to the character
  • Invisicam: When the camera is behind an object (opaque, transparent), it remains in its position but the object becomes semitransparent.

Movement Mode

There are three movement modes available

  • Classic: The camera is still at its zoom distance from the player’s view to their character
  • Follow: The camera will turn to face the character of the player if it is moving
  • Orbital: The camera stays at its zoom distance while following the character’s movements around the globe.
  • User choice: This allows players to select their preferred camera mode via the in-game Settings menu

You should know everything about the controls and settings. You can also program your camera system yourself, but that requires advanced knowledge.


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