Roblox Givenchy Beauty House all Free Items

Roblox Givenchy Beauty House All Free Items – Lock Necklaces, 4g Caps, Irresistibe Backpacks, Le Rouge Cross-body bags and 4G sunglasses


There are currently no codes for the Givenchy Beauty House Roblox, but you can still get many free items and gifts by completing certain missions or quests. Some are even secret. We will now show you how to obtain each item currently in the Givenchy Beauty House Beauty House Game.

Roblox Givenchy Beauty House All Free Items – Lock Necklace

The 10 Givenchy Beauty House logos are scattered all over the map. We show you where they are.

  1. In front of the spawn
  2. Dance Floor > Move Right
  3. Dance Floor > Turn left (in the corner).
  4. Only on the dance floor
  5. Are you able to see the glowing cubes left of the dance floor? These glowing cubes are for your viewing pleasure.
  6. Very close to the last one on a tree
  7. Subway > Next to the Photo Booth
  8. Near the Runway
  9. Near the Pool
  10. Visit the make-up gazebo

Roblox Givenchy Beauty House All Free Items – 4G Cap

Completing the shows 3 times is required

  1. The button to Join Now is located at the top of your screen. Wait for it to activate, then press it
  2. Choose your look, then press Apply
  3. Wait for the show’s start
  4. Complete the show
  5. Continue the steps above x2 more times

Roblox Givenchy Beauty House All Free Items – Irresistible Bag

For 10 minutes, you must dance on the dance floor. You don’t need to dance for 10 minutes consecutively. You can also do it in multiple batches. Each second increases your counter

Le Rouge Cross-body Bag

You will need to enter the Givenchy Beauty House subway and interact with the vending machines.

Secret Item – 4G Sunglasses

Enter the subway and find the Out-of-order Photo Booth. Once inside, walk through the curtains to reach the end.

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