Roblox Islands Butterfly Festival update log

Roblox Islands Butterfly Festival update log

The latest Roblox Islands update introduces many new features such as quests, mobs, adjustments, and bug fixes for the game.

Roblox Islands is out with the brand new Butterfly Festival update on September 3rd, 2022! In this patch, you’ll find many improvements and bug fixes that were made to the game experience. They should help solve any issues you’ve faced and enable you to discover new things to play with within the game.

You can read the official patch notes here for the update. They were posted via Islands Discord. official Islands Discord channel.

New Festival!

Introducing the Butterfly Festival
Ready your nets everyone! The very first Butterfly Festival is here! Take on other competitors to capture the most butterflies possible and receive brand new rewards that you can display to your friends! There is also the option of picking flowers from the festival and bringing them to your own island!

New Entity: Butterflies

  • Let butterflies fly around your island!
  • Flowers in the garden will attract more butterflies!

Limited Edition Butterfly Trophy

  • Find this stunning trophy at the Spirit Merchant at the Butterfly Festival!
  • Set it up on your island and shine it up at night!

Limited Time Golden Net

  • You can purchase tickets for this limited edition golden net at the Spirit Merchant at the Butterfly Festival!
  • Utilizing this net will improve the number of animals that can be caught!

Limited Time Garden Decor

  • You can redeem your tickets at the Spirit Merchant at the festival to purchase these items
  • Garden Archway
  • Rabbit Topiary
  • Frog Topiary
  • Wooden Bench

Misc Changes

  • Beam damage increased to Slime Queen Scepter
  • Greater chance of Slime Queen Crystal drops
  • Correction of incorrect seating of benches

Crop Market News
The prices for plums have increased! (50 – 56)
Prices for Kiwi have fallen! (24 – 20)

Farmer Cletus was heard recently whispering about the prices of apples…



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