Roblox Islands New Combat update log & patch notes

September 18, 2022

The latest Roblox Islands update introduces many new features such as quests, mobs, modifications, and bug fixes to the game.

Roblox Islands is out with the new update for combat on the 17th of September 2022! In this patch, there are numerous modifications and bug fixes are now available to your game. They should help to resolve any issues you’ve encountered and help you find new things to play with within the game.

The official patch notes for the update. They were posted via Islands Discord. official Islands Discord channel.

This is the initial step towards the revival of combat in the Islands! We’ve added weaknesses and barriers to all enemies you’ll encounter on your travels. Every weapon will now have type-related associations. A match of the right type of weapon to a weakness of the enemy will result in more damage. If the opponent is averse to attacking, your damage will be diminished. All of this information and more is available via your combat catalog.

Weapon Types

  • Physical type: Slashing Striking and Piercing
  • Magical types: Inferno, Hydro, Storm, Quake, Ethereal, Void
  • Certain weapons are magical and physical weapons.

Weaknesses And Resistances

  • enemies are neutral, weak, or intolerant to specific types of weapons.
  • Neutral: Base damage, Weak: +25% Damage, Resistant: -20% Damage.

Combat Catalogue

  • Access is in the left-hand sidebar
  • Tab for enemies: shows weaknesses and resistances
  • Tabs for Weapons (Melee archery, Magic, and Melee) Displays stats for the weapon like damage, type of weapon, and attack rate, among others.

Bow Rework

  • Correction of hit trajectory using bows that are smoother than before.
  • Additional damage drop-off from a distance shot
  • Bows require specific types of arrows for use
  • Bow idles, draws, and fire animations

New Bow and Arrow

  • Golden Shortbow and Iron Shortbow
  • Short Arrows and Long Arrows

Magic Weapon Balances

  • To make way for future combat updates, the cast holds were removed (except for the slime scepter)
  • Damage reduction for base damage from casting
  • Base Damage Changes
    • Static Scepter damage The damage ranges from 2/s to 8/s.
    • Spellbook damage: 45 – 22
    • Tidal Spellbook damage: 42 – 36
    • Ruby Staff Damage: 42 –
    • Godzilla Staff damage: 25 – 20
    • Spirit Spellbook:
      • White: 40 – 30
      • Blue: 45 – 37
      • Pink: 48 – 42
      • Green: 55 – 46
    • Slime Queen Scepter damage: 50 – 40

Future Combat Changes: What can we be expecting in the near future?

Misc Changes

  • Third-person (PC) Bows and magic weapons shoot in the direction of your cursor.
  • The color of the indicator for damage alters based on the type of weapon damage inflicted
  • Bow changed its name to Wooden Shortbow
  • Artificial Bow renamed to Ancient Longbow
  • Vamp Bow changed his name to Azarathian Longbow
  • Buffed Static Scepter: 2 – 8

Crop Market News
Potato prices have risen! (11 – 17)
Radish prices have fallen! (64 – 59)
The farmer Cletus is recently heard talking about the price of watermelon…

You should head over to Roblox Islands. Roblox Islands page to test the new update! You can find more details on a range of different experiences on Roblox’s Roblox page of our site.


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