Roblox Islands Void Isles update log and patch notes

The latest Roblox Islands update introduces an array of brand new content like quests, mobs adjustments, and bug fixes to the game.

Roblox Islands has released the updated totems on the 13th of August 2022! In this patch, players will discover a variety of improvements and bug fixes are added to the game. This should hopefully solve any issues you’ve faced and enable you to discover some new things to play with within the game.

You can read the official patch notes for the update. They were made available through Island Discord. official Islands Discord channel.

A mysterious rift has formed in the desert and has led to a dark fragmented region referred to as “the Void Isles “… Islands” with a mysterious history that is surrounded by the same darkness that now resides there… Are you able to discover the reason behind the disappearance of the land that was once called Soth’iel?

New Resources
Amethyst Crystals

  • Purple crystals can be found in the void islands. The rock is used to construct weapons as well as the amethyst block.
    Amethyst Blocks
  • Make beautiful and shiny amethyst stones to decorate your island!
    Void Stone
  • Miner these rocks to make empty stone blocks.
    Void Sand
  • Sand blocks are gathered by digging up empty piles of sand.
    Void Grass
  • The grass is purple and was dug up from grass piles in The Void Isles. (Cannot cultivate or plow this grass yet).
    Smoke Resistance Potion
  • A potion for crafting that helps combat the harmful misty smoke that covers all of the Void Isles.

New Enemies
Void Serpent

  • A dark serpent thought to be a keeper to darkness, and also the end of the world… The Void Hound
  • Rapid but deadly with a great nose… certainly not a good choice for a.

New Weapons
Serpent’s Hook

  • The new hook-shaped weapon comes that has two attack modes.
  • Press the attack button (on PC) or hold the attack button on mobile devices to activate a spinning zone of impact attack! Serpent’s Bane
  • A new sword that deals huge quantities of damage!

Island Changes: The desert now is more sandy in its visual environment, as well as a brand new gateway to the void rift that was previously used to connect to the isles of the void. A brand new story-based quest is available through Amir (found on your quest journal) with regards to the rift.
The atmospheric underworld’s underworld’s appearance has been altered to be more reddish to make it more atmospheric.

UI Changes Modernized the island loading screens. Teleporting to various islands, now you can see the destination of your travels visually through the transfer screens. quests can now be searched via the quest interface

Misc Changes Magma Dragon health has been reduced (30.0k 30.0k – 17.0k) Original “Void Block” has been changed in the form of “Respawn Block” to avoid confusion due to the new void content.

Crop Market News Dragonfruit prices have increased! (45 to 50) Prices of oranges have decreased! (20 – 16)

The farmer Cletus is recently heard talking about the price of rice…

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