Rockstar confirms GTA VI will continue as planned after Massive Leak

September 19, 2022

Rockstar Games will not delay any of their ongoing games after one of the most destructive hacks in the history of gaming.

Rockstar Games has finally issued an official statement to its players regarding the viral, completely unprecedented hack of Grand Theft Auto VIThe studio has confirmed that the launch of Grand Theft Auto will not be delayed at all and that players don’t need to be concerned about live services currently in operation or other projects that are in the pipeline. Here’s the complete message taken from Rockstar Games’ feed:

The leaker was able to acquire several videos, with more to come in the near future. They also were planning to negotiate some sort of agreement. This is among the riskiest techniques in the industry that has drawn both serious concerns from studio employees as well as admiration from colleagues from other studios.

Many worried that the leaks could cause a huge influence on Rockstar Games’ upcoming titles including that of the GTA series. The new statement today suggests that there could be brief-term issues, Rockstar’s response has minimized the consequences of the leak and takes away the hacker’s power.

The hack has drawn the same amount of admiration and disdain. The fans quickly embraced the chance to slap corporate suits for their controversial methods. A few fans have suggested the absence of communication with the public has facilitated this kind of behavior and it might force the suits to alter their practices.

Yet, despite some suspicious behavior in the past, there’s been nothing but positive feedback for the team who created this year’s Grand Theft Auto game. It’s quite likely that Rockstar could eliminate the work-from-home requirements to improve security. The artists aren’t entitled to this.

It’s odd to hear criticism of the pre-alpha footage as if it’s some kind of an indication of the final product. Rockstar Games promises that they’ll be updating everyone soon.

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