Rogue Superweek begins poorly will they come back to G2 and MAD?

The Summer Split in the lonesome is upon us and it’s not enough to warrant the hype at the beginning that it’s on the calendar. Rogue is probably one of the most difficult opening weeks of them, having facing three of the best teams in the league.

Do they have the most effective method to make his head back to normal in normal season? We’ll go to the place.



Rogue and Fnatic were victorious on Thursday’s LEC final match played on the first day of the initial stage. However, even if it’s an orderly manner that loses the first of Summer’s opening match could be a disaster, particularly in the event of a match against future players.

After the meta shift each team was on the same level, but Fnatic’s playing style and their commitment to macro have given Rogue not a good fit. Although Rogue was on the other end has an edge in the priority selections but they were able to stall their draft and be out-sized.

In other words, if there was any chance it could have been none luck. But those shields, Morgana and Orianna and their respective Draven as well as the Gwen being suffocated make Rogues look somewhat uncooperative.

A truly predictable game where Rogue lost every single fight could spell the end of the world for the rest on the weekends.



The masked man must fight the same position this evening. G2 is built on an excellent MSI performance. It was extremely strong from the beginning and then gave up only two gaps to the top players in Asia. Comfort drafts are the thing that enabled G2 to make it to the finals and take the championship the spring, they seem to be testing the meta in the first week.

In Game 1 against Astralis We saw Gankplank, Zeri, Renata and Trundle as picking matches that you wouldn’t think of all in one G2 match. Trundle was the only player waiting for his Zoe and they got the job. However, given that the opponent wasn’t of the best, a good game was played. Since Flakked and Targamas growing in MSI They should be better or even more over Rogues bot Lane. The matchup in the jungle is the key to any team’s success.

Rogue can benefit by having a the blue side once more and should concentrate on closing down Caps at mid-thirties. If they are unable to achieve this then we’ll see an Caps show again, particularly during the times when G2 can stand up to G2.

I’m pretty sure G2 will take the title. In the playoffs, we’ve seen a new G2 and we’re hoping they’ll continue to win during their regular schedule. If you decide to bet against this game, the best recommendation is to read up on the best Rogues Day 1: you’ll discover patterns that will be beneficial. Here are some excellent LoL odds:

  • Winner: G2 – 1.99x.
  • First Blood: Rogue (1.87x)
  • First Herald: G2 Esports (1.89x)
  • Towers total: 5.5 (1.56x)
  • Total kills: under 26,5 (1.75).
  • Map length: more than 33.5 (2.03x)


It’s over for week one with an Rogue game between the wolves as well as the shits in the final game of their superweek. In the opening meeting of this league MAD Lions’ the new player in midlaner (Nisqy) was able to pound Vitality easily being the very first person to complete their game in the squad. In the first match of Master of the Army has taken place in the baron teamfight. It could create problems should they have to face a better teamfighting squad like Rogue. However, if Rogue falls short in his G2 match, they’re unwell to be able to take on his opponent with a lot of force.

In the first week Rogue scored 0-3. This is the first thought when you consider they’re a European bo1. Their game against G2 will be important, therefore it’s impossible to let go of all momentum going into Sunday.

If we get into the realm of predictions the outcome is dependent on Game 2 performance of both teams, therefore it’s much simpler to make objective-based predictions here.

  • Yokovashi, yokojas.
  • First Herald: Using a second-hand computer.
  • First dragon: MAD Lions (1.93x)
  • The total number of towers is more than 12,5 (1,66x) 2.
  • The total kills are: 2.03x) Over 26,5 (2.03) 2.
  • Map dates: 33.5 (1.89x)

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