Rune Factory 5 is coming soon, then is released in July

Rune Factory 5 has been available exclusively on Switch since March and is now sold out on a Nintendo hybrid console. The games will also include roleplaying and simulation of life.


Xseed Games has announced that Rune Factory 5 is coming out on July 13th. We’ll be seeing a trailer and pre-orders for Rune Factory 5 soon.

Five players can choose to be Alice or Ares their main character in Rune Factory and then embark on an adventure starting from Rigbarth. Your mission is to recover lost memories and become a part of the sham looping unit. Explore the dungeons and defeat all dangerous monsters. Take care of the farmland nearby and develop relationships with other characters to ensure that Rigbarth is peaceful and happy.

Both veterans and newcomers will quickly get to know the action RPG combat system. They’ll also learn how to use eight weapons, including double blades and spears. The game doesn’t have many notable features, such as city quests, farm management and local festivals. Matches of men are now possible unlike the first game in the series. Players can create their own romantics. Locals may need assistance or players can use their green fingers to solve their problems.

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