Salt and Sacrifice: How to Farm Mages

August 20, 2022

Salt and Sacrifice – How to Farm Mage – A guide to farming Magi, how to kill them and make them respawn. The main Mage’s drop

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Salt and Sacrifice: How To Farm Mages

These are the steps you need to take after defeating the mages the first time.


  1. To respawn any defeated mage, return to Pardoner’s Vale
  2. Return to the place where you first faced the mages
  3. Locate the Mage that you wish to farm.
  4. Fight the mage until he is defeated: He does not have a life bar but will die after a certain amount of hits. He teleports, so he doesn’t actually die.
  5. You will find him again if he teleports his particle in one direction.
  6. You can defeat him as many times as you like until he bows down and then take his heart out.
  7. Go to Pardoner’s Vale to make it come back.

Mages Drops

Each mage and its monions have a set of equipment that is directly related to Crafting Materials. It consists of an Armor Set, a variety of Weapons and a Display Trophy.

Salt and Sacrifice – How to Farm Magi – Video Guide

PepperHomie Game Reviews & Guides has a video guide that will help you farm magicians.

About Sacrifice and Salt

You’ll be a Marked Inspector and travel across the western frontier, pursuing, hunting, or obliterating Mages. You can create unique weapons and armor using the flesh and bones from the Mages that you kill.

The encroaching tides and ferocious Mages plunge a once peaceful kingdom into chaos. The Marked Intelligence, a condemned force, mobilizes once more to fight the existential threat from Magic. An ancient empire is at risk from a hidden secret.


You can create unique weapons and armor using the bones and flesh of the Mages that you kill. You can master dozens of powerful weapons, runic arts, and manipulations of corrupt Magic that your foes use.

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