Samoa Joe is reportedly playing Sweet Tooth In Twisted Metal series

Samoa Joe is reportedly playing Sweet Tooth In Twisted Metal series

A few days have passed since finding out the news that BoJack Horseman star Will Arnett will be the voice of Sweet Tooth in the Twisted Metal TV show The news has emerged that the clown who kills people will be voiced on screen by Samoa Joe. Joe Seanoa, so as is known outside of within the circle, will portray Sweet Tooth’s body, while Arnett will be voicing the character.


According to Deadline the U.S. and NNA World Heavyweight Champion would be joining others like Neve Campbell, who will portray Raven and Thomas Haden Church, who was set to be Agent Stone.

As per VGC, Sweet Tooth is actually the name of the ice cream truck wears the clown mask character drives, and Needles Kane was his real character’s name on the show. Based on the reports, it appears that the show might be trying to make the mistake and alter the character’s name into Sweet Tooth. Naturally, once the show airs, by towards the end of the year, we’ll be able to know everything till next year.

I’m only going to play The Last of Us and I’m Just Taking The Time to Relive My favorite Game I’m going to get bored.

Twisted Metal isn’t the only PlayStation game that includes a television show. There’s already a highly sought-after HBO adaption of The Last of Us, with Bella Ramsey as Ellie and Pedro Pascal as Joel. In addition, Sony also has TV adaptations of The Great War, Horizon Zero Dawn as well as Gran Turismo in the works.

The information was discovered in a business briefing document that was then posted on The Revise. According to the documents, Sony plans on expanding its IP beyond gaming. Sony has plans to expand its iconic IPs to include more than just video games to films, television retail, and even live streaming. We’ll have the chance to see the God of War concert, too.

It was recently revealed that the purchase of Bungie wasn’t just to acquire its Destiny IP, but also its knowledge of live games. Bungie will be part of Sony’s Live Service Center of Excellence of Sony in which it will be providing advice to aiding Sony to achieve its goal of creating numerous live-service games over the next couple of years.

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