Sanabi has built a tidal hook that opens the steam today


Step into the dystopian world that is platforming action. Get your hooks ready, because you’ll be playing with yourself. Today’s independent developer will not wait to announce that Sanabi, their platforming adventure game, is now available on Steam Early. The game’s press release provides additional information. A trailer showcasing the game’s early access can be seen.

Sanabi puts players in the shoes of an elite veteran, and then returns to service for one last mission. Players can climb a megacity under the control of corrupt oligarchies by using their prosthetic chain-hook arm. You can climb high, use your mobility to win. We’re currently focusing on fast-paced combat and platforms at the moment. As the film progresses, it will tell the story and reveal the dark secrets hidden in the heart the city. They will also learn about the Sanabi, the mysterious entity that they hunt.

The Early Access trailer clearly shows the game’s gameplay and art. Players can enjoy the intense platforming action with their drone sidekick, as well as retro art and a modern platforming style.


Steam Early Access now has Sanabi. On the 7th of July, there’s a 10% discount. This gives players Early Access and post launch content. Developers promise to keep players updated and provide new content. Are you willing to explore a large city and uncover dark secrets?

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