Satisfactory Steam Deck Optimized Settings

I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out steam Deck options for Satisfactory, which provide an average battery life of 3 hours. These settings work well on my 150hr game. However, when the build grows I’ll likely need to ramp up TDP to ensure a decent frame rate. It’s a blast and allows me to enjoy playing Satisfactory in the car.


Custom controller settings

I’ve added the profile of my Steamdeck account as a community controller with the name “satisfactory-deck”. The left touchpad has a radial menu that displays numbers, and the right touchpad functions as a radial menu with specific keys. L4/R4 can be used to enter the special buildings and destroy layers that have a sense of the iPad’s user interface. The game is very playable without the need for the keyboard or mouse of Steamdeck. However, a keyboard or mouse is nice for when you’re at home.

Settings are changed in the Steam UI

  • 40 FPS (almost similar to 60, but significantly less power draw)
  • Manuel GPU limits the clock speed to 600 Mhz
  • TDP limit of 6 Watt (bigger models may require an increase in the TDP limit to keep that rate, but it’s fine for my 50 hours of playing time)

The app’s settings can be changed in the “video” options

The settings appear to look similar to the default ‘ultra’ configuration however they have significantly reduced the power consumption.


  • Switch on VSync within the application This is extremely crucial, as otherwise, the app will burn lots of CPU when we limit the frame rate to 40 FPS.
  • Switch to VULKAN rendering API. VULKAN rendering API
  • All settings should be set to the lowest setting. Except for anti-aliasing, view distance and VFX effects set them to medium.
  • Remove motion blur
  • Remove shadows from contact.

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