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Savage Avengers Brought Back Anti Venom’s Most Powerful Ability

Savage Avengers Brought Back Anti Venom’s Most Powerful Ability

This article contains the main spoilers of Savage Avengers#5, available now via Marvel Comics.

In the event that Conan from Cimmeria was attacked in the last few days by a Deathlok in an attempt to defend the enduring nature of history, It triggered the series of events that brought some of the most brutal heroes in the Marvel Universe back into an earlier Hyborian Age. They’ve fallen into grips of the maniacal necromancer commonly referred to by the name of Thulsa Doom. He is determined to rip their world apart by summoning the ancient serpent god Set. However, they’re not alone. Savage Avengers are equipped with their own supernatural beasts to take on Agent Anti-Venom has made everyone aware that he’s the most terrifying of them.

Savage Avengers#5 (by David Pepose, Carlos Magno, Espen Grundetjern, and VC’s Travis Lanham) finds the Savage Avengers, the eponymous antiheroes’ group, up in a war to the end against Thulsa Doom’s army of cultists and, of course, the newly-formed Great Serpent Set. Although the odds are overwhelming, however, the Savage Avengers still have plenty of unimaginable abilities of their own to draw on. Some of these abilities can be found in Gamma-induced or mutant abilities However, in those of Flash Thompson, it’s merely a matter of displaying his real self in all his draconic splendor.


Flash Thompson might not have been much beyond a bully in high school when he took his first appearance in the most perfect way in the year 1965’s Amazing Fantasy#25 in Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s instantly recognizable opening tale “Spider-Man!”, it was not long before then he surpassed that role through a series of shocking and amazing ways. After graduation, Flash embarked upon a navy career, and although it would cost him legs, the damage opened doors to a world that he’d only ever seen through the skin. As part of Project: Rebirth 2.0, Flash was linked to the Venom symbiote. This meant that his Codex continued to run for a long time after he reached his final death.

Despite his death, Flash was found inside the symbiote Hive Eddie Brock in the course of the events that took place in 2021’s King of Black (by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman). It was actually Flash who was the one to help Eddie understand what they were capable of as a pure Symbiote. In their fight against Knull within the Hive, Flash and Eddie discovered that there was nothing that could stop them from becoming whatever they desired, nor from simply moving out of the Hive by manifesting in other places. After that realization and a huge amount of willpower, Flash resurrected himself on Earth as the similar Anti-Venom monster that he had been unleashing at the moment.

Savage Avengers Brought Back Anti Venom’s Most Powerful Ability

The idea of Flash changing into a huge ivory dragon to fight an even larger snake god is an amazing spectacle in the event, but it is a glimmer of the magnitude of the powers of Agent Anti-Venom. It’s not just that Flash can alter his shape and size and size, but that he doesn’t have a physical body to call his own. That’s not to say that he’s all-knowing in the same way the way that Eddie Brock is as King in Black but, in a more moderate way. in the event that there’s an element of his symbiote that’s alive somewhere within the Marvel Universe, Flash Thompson will never actually pass away.

Flash was already ineffective when he returned to the world, and all needed was the notion that he could and some others out there be a symbiote that he could manifest through. Therefore, complete and complete destruction won’t be sufficient to keep Agent Anti-Venom down. Even the case that Flash was destroyed completely on an emotional level and his Codex remains in the Hive waiting for the chance to come back and live anew. In other words, if the Codex needed to be able to anticipate the possibility.