Save 36% on one of the best fantasy board games, Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

Jaws of the Lion, fan-favorite dungeon crawler, has seen a 36% price drop at Amazon (opens in new tab). . This is a $18 savings and a new record, making it one of the best board games deals.

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion is a prequel to Gloomhaven, which is a more accessible version of . This board game is a favorite but also one of the most intimidating. It doesn’t usually enjoy this kind of savings. It hasn’t been this cheap since June 2021.

Jaws of the Lion, whether discounted or not is a worthwhile investment for fantasy RPG enthusiasts. It casts you as one of four mercenaries who are looking to make a fortune in Gloomhaven. The story changes depending on how your actions, so it is not a singular experience. Instead, the missions form part of a larger narrative. If you want to explore this dark-dark world full of sorcery and swords, these threads can be woven into the Gloomhaven campaign.

Jaws of the Lion is great for beginners thanks to the tutorials and guides as well as a scenario book that has the board embedded into it. Long-term Gloomhaven fans will also love Jaws of the Lion – the game still offers the same depth despite being so accessible. It’s an excellent way to fill in the time until the sequel Frosthaven arrives.

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