Scrap Riders has a very new Gameplay trailer!

Microids has released a new trailer for Scrap Riders, which showcases the game’s upcoming release. This game is a point-and-click adventure that combines ancient storytelling with action for a motorcycle adventure in the desert. One biker gang member is riding their bikes and taking an adventure with some strange characters. You will be able to live with them through crazy dialog experiences, solving puzzles, and laughing with lots of references and meta-jokes. It’s a good idea to punish bad guys when they get in their path. You can watch the trailer below. It will be available on Nintendo Switch and Steam starting September 21st.

Credit: Microids

Scrap Riders is an adventure game that uses pixel art and beat’em up to create a futuristic cyberpunk world. It was developed by Spanish studioGames for Tutti. Rast is a member the discredited bike gang Scrap Riders. You must get through the wastelands and into a large city that has been regulated by corporations. To survive in the post-apoapolyptic world, you must act as a smuggler using humor and caustic humor. You will need to go through the 2D fighting them a foot. But in your hands and with your sword, take care about the wastelands. Violence is the only way to get rid of them, but it will not be enough. It won’t last if you don’t have your wits. Get to know the right people and gather clues so you can banish the bad guys!

  • Click Riders is a game that combines Beat ’em Up and Pointn Click adventure puzzles and dialogs. Click, click, and go in!
  • Vintage style with clever pixel design and a 16-bit sound track.
  • I have some crazy funny jokes and references. I want you to laugh at the angsty dialogue from the quirky characters. Also, try to find all the pop culture references and meta-sipping in the game!
  • Cyberpunk Space: Discover the many environments in this post-apocalyptic universe.

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