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Sea Piece Update 3 Log and Patch Notes

The update for Roblox Sea Piece has been released, and it brings new content, updates, and bugs to the game!

Roblox Sea Piece is a game for the Roblox platform action-based RPG that was developed by Mvngo DEV for the platform. In this game, you’ll be creating your own character, and then trying to level your character in the world of popular manga and anime, One Piece. The latest update for the game was released and includes a range of new content, updates, and bugs fixed!

This article will provide a detailed overview of the changes made to the game that was announced to the official Sea Piece Discord. You can also find free items by visiting the Sea Piece codes site.

  • New Mythic Fruit: Gura Gura No Mi
  • Along with shining Gura
  • Soru Added
  • Blackleg added
  • Baratie Island
  • Marine Ford Island
  • various new accessories
  • whitebeard raid boss
  • Lunarian (extra burn DMG plus 2x regen) 1.1 percent Balancing
  • Mochi buffed length 20 to 30
  • Mochi roll speed buffed
  • Minks cause 20 percent more harm than lightning strikes
  • Buffed buggy island farming
  • buffed coffin boat speed
  • mochi barrage length was reduced (10 to 5) however damage was doubled (aka buff)
  • Buffed mochi length 20 to 30


  • violet title changed
  • toggleable effects
  • lvl cap 650 -> 1000
  • Stat Cap 1250 – 2000

This is all you must know about the new update for the game. More information is available at Sea Piece Trello or within our Sea Piece section on our website.

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