Sea Piece Update 4 Log and Patch Notes

The update for Roblox Sea Piece has been released, and it brings new content, modifications, and bugs to the game!

Roblox Sea Piece, a game for the Roblox platform action game created by Mvngo DEV for the platform. In the game, you’ll create your own character, and try to get your character within the world of the famous manga and anime, One Piece. The latest update for the game was released and comes with a myriad of brand new content, new features, and bugs fixed!

Here’s a complete overview of the changes made to the game which were made public in the official Sea Piece Discord. There’s also a chance to get free things by going to the Sea Piece codes webpage.

  • New Raid boss –


You can steal from the Gura Gura No Mi power from Whitebeard by using Yami!
Yami No Mi as well as Yami Gura x Gura and– Blackbeards Cape needed to steal Gura.

  • New Accessories –
  • Blackbeard’s Cape (1% Drop from Blackbeard)
  • New Island New island


  • Newly available fruits to purchase –

Yami x Gura

  • 1 percent chance of stealing the Gura while taking Yami
    Shiny Yami x Gura
  • .5 percent chance of stealing the gura and getting shiny Yami and Gura while using Yami or Yami or x the gura

New Title: Marauder
New title”Vengeance: The New Title”

  • Poneglyphs –

Increase the cap on stats for the stat you prefer!
Cipher the Poneglyphs across the map using”Poneglyph Cipher “Poneglyph Cipher” Dropped by Blackbeard (5 5 %)

The stat cap for one stat is from 2,000 to> 2,500

  • Changes –
  • fixed capabilities going ahead of you or random instructions on how to the use
  • Warlord Title new requirements -> 100Mil
  • Yonko Title has been added to 500 million; bounty needed
  • The health of the accessory population was able to be improved
  • Shiny Fruits will now be placed in the fruit bag after being obtained through a drop
  • Geppo base height increased
  • Geppo no longer removes momentum
  • Balancing –
  • Lunarian
    • Lunarian Fire damage buffed: 20% -> 300%
    • Lunarian Geppo’s height increased
  • Mink
    • Mink is able to gain 25% additional damage from lightning strikes within Sulong (stacks with 20% additional lightning damage bonuses)
  • Goro
    • Goro Raigo nerfed: 300 dmg -> 275 dmg
    • Shiny Goro Raigo nerfed: 350 dmg -> 325 dmg
  • Gura
    • Gura Punch enhanced: 75 dmg per band -> 100 DMG per ring
    • Shiny Gura Punch buffed: 100 dmg per ring -> 125
  • Mochi
    • Mochi Ult buffed: 90 dmg -> 400
    • Mochi punch buffed:
      • 50 dmg -> 100 dmg
      • 50 range 100 range
    • Buffed Mochi rain: 25 range -> 50 range
  • Shiny Mera
    • Firefly amplified: 25 dmg>50 dmg
    • Flame Pillar enhanced by 55 dmg. 150 dmg
    • Hiekn buffed: 50 dmg -> 75 dmg

All you should be aware of is the latest update to the game. More information is available in Sea Piece Trello or in our Sea Piece section on our website.

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