Second Edition Phase 2 includes two additional chapters

The Overwatch 2 developers spoke today about the changes they will make in the second phase for games beta testing. The second stage will determine the performance and load of servers through a mass inspection on all platforms. This is the first Overwatch 2 event.

The Caught mode added 2 minutes to the time. The game will begin at 8 and end at 10 minutes. The two teams will have a bit more time to complete TS-1. Parallizing competition rules allow teams to play full battlefields, but one player can leave the game and a new player can join the fight. You can still retain up to 30% of your ultimate cost after a new passive skill is acquired by the heroes.

The developers are currently designing, testing and evaluating new capabilities for support heroes. This beta test will see many changes to the product, which will likely be announced during the project.

Please remember that testing will begin on June 28th.

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