Secret Neighbor 100% Achievement Guide

Secret Neighbor 100% Achievement Guide

Hello, neighbors! We hope you are having a great time. This guide will tell you all about Secret Neighbor.


Fear Not


Quick Game: Win the game and not see the Neighbor for the entire match


No Crows Allowed


Five times, scare the crow (Quick Game).




Escape five times from the Neighbor by getting caught by him (Quick Game).

The first one!


Play the Quick Game and be the first to enter the basement of your neighbor.


One man Army


You can unlock all locks by yourself (I recommend that you play as the Bagger in order to achieve this achievement) + (Quick Games)




Play as Detective to find 3 keys by using “Field Intel” (Quick Game).



You will play as the Bagger and fill the slots with keys. (To obtain the fourth slot, you must fill the slots with different stuff, then wait for 240 seconds.) + (Quick game)


It will not be over!


Play as the Neighbor and win the game (Quick Game).

Manager for crisis



Play as the Leader and cheer up 200 people with your “Inspiration” ability (QuickGame).

Totally Secret Neighbor


You can win the game, but not become the neighbor (I recommend that you hide keys and keycards :D) + (Quick Games)

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