See what you can catch in the Pokémon Go Safari Zone: Taipei

September 23, 2022

At the Pokemon Go Safari Zone: Taipei event, you’ll often meet all sorts of’mons and take part in various event-exclusive items like the research

The fun just keeps flowing on Pokémon Go tickets for the game’s mobile Taipei Safari Zone are now available, and are essential for people who reside in the area, because you’ll not only connect with like-minded people in the real world but also capture various adorable mon.

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Through this Pokemon Go Safari Zone: Taipei event, you’re likely to meet Pikachu, Seel (read out Gen one Pokemon guide to understanding why no one is interested in this particular one) Chikorita, Doduo, Marill, Tangela, Lotad Scyther Clauncher, and other. You never know, if you’re lucky, you may even see a shiny one.

Other advantages if you purchase tickets include 50 percent fewer dust trades, a limited-time event special event for research and field research, as well as long-lasting lures and incense, a unique souvenir from the plane’s paper, and a higher chance that your companion will discover a variety of goodies.

When is Pokemon Go Safari Zone: Taipei?

The Pokemon Go Safari Zone: Taipei event runs from October 21 through October 23. You can buy tickets from the listing for the event list.

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