Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 could be the best mini-console yet with over 50 games

Electric Boogaloo: Mega Drive 2 (pic: Sega).

Sega’s second Mega Drive Mini will feature more than 50 games, including the Sega CD.

Sega’s 2019 Sega Mega Drive Mini release would have you believe that the Dreamcast would be the next miniature console. It has only created the future since he started to define himself in the future.

The company instead decided to add a second drive. On Japanese livestream, it was announced that the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 had been named yesterday.

This is not a reissue of the original mini-console. This version includes more than 50 games (the original had 42).

In the past, eleven games were announced, including Thunder Force 4, Virtua Racing 4 (and Bonanza Bros.

Sega CD addon includes 5 additional games. These include the strategy role-playing games Shining Force and Mansion Of Hidden Souls as well as a smuggler and playmanship game Mansion Of Hidden Souls. There is also a Sonic The Hedgehog CD.

Don’t be afraid to order the Sonic CD console. Later, the games were announced.

Mega Drive Mini 2 will include games never before released for the console such as Fantasy Zone arcade game.

Segas website states that it will be available in the fall, or at the very least, October 27, 2022 for Japan. It’s not known if the console will be available in the West.

It will likely do well, as the Mega Drive Mini has already sold successfully. It arrived in the UK and Europe in October, March 2019, just one month after its launch in North America and Japan.


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