Sega says Yakuza won’t be called Yakuza anymore

September 20, 2022

The Yakuza series of games is now called”Like A Dragon,” a title. Like a Dragon title.

Yakuza will be Yakuza no more, as publisher Sega announced that the show will adopt it’s Like a Dragon moniker from the moment on. It will change its name from the time of the rerelease in Like a Dragon: Ishin which is a spin-off of the main series set in the Bakumatsu period in Japan.

Sega has confirmed made to Kotaku it was the Like a Dragon name would continue to be used. The reason for this change was explained for the purpose of “more closely aligning with the Japanese name.”

In Japan, the series, previously called Yakuza was renamed under the title Ryu ga Gotoku which is also known as Like A Dragon, since the first game in 2005 was launched. It is not to be confused with Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, the company behind the games.

Sega says Yakuza won’t be called Yakuza anymore

In a strange way, the seventh game in the unnamed Like A Dragon series was known as Yakuza Like a Dragon. It is likely that in the future, this game will be referred to by its Japanese title “Like a Dragon 7: Whereabouts of Light and Darkness.”

All of this sets the scene for the three upcoming Like a Dragon releases: A Remastered Like a Dragon Ishin in 2023, Like a Dragon Gaiden The Man Who Forgot his Name, 2023 and the upcoming mainline sequel, Like a Dragon 8 in 2024.

The constantly expanding Like a Dragon-verse features 8 mainline titles, an assortment of remakes, a quarter dozen spin-offs, and two films and musicals. The overall effect is that the new format could take a while to become accustomed to. However, any truly hardcore Yakuza fans would probably have called them Ryu ga Gotoku fans in the end.


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