Senator Ted Cruz is Against Microtransactions, but Donates Himself

Senator Ted Cruz is a video gamer like us. Their way of playing them will amaze no one.

He co-hosts the latest TV episode with Tom Knowles. He admits that he is a gamer but confesses that he occasionally sins to give because it is more fun. Your character suddenly has a lot to do, and would have taken 6-12 months to make.

Video games are made to be addictive. Although I don’t swim, I don’t like streaming on Twitch and I don’t like streamers who are too hardcore. I prefer the way you can buy games to play your character and gain more benefits. Sometimes, however, some games are more enjoyable to me when my character suddenly has a lot of things to do that would have taken six months to write. I will sometimes spend 20 dollars to buy a treasure box full of coins, and then use it as a game board.

One of my tweets earlier said that I hadn’t heard Republican economic policy summarized so succinctly.

This may seem like hypocrisy, but it is part of a shorter conversation where Cruz said that he doesn’t spend money to get there quicker, but that he believes that games such as loot boxes are a good idea.

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