Senator Ted Cruz wants to protect children from gamblers’ games and won’t promise for gun violence

Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, recently stated that he would like to protect children against competition. He also said that he wanted to discover if the practice is legal. Cruz was apparently contacted by the streamer last week to discuss ways to ban such lucrative games. In an episode of Verdict, his YouTube show that discussed the subject, Asmongold had previously agreed to it.


Cruz answered a question from a viewer about pay-to-win and said that he was open to a conversation. I’m eager to hear what he has. The situation is similar to gambling and children.

Are you interested in a different way to play Skyrim? Be pacifist and reject violence.

He explained that some games are addictive and he opposed microtransactions. Some loot boxes offer a lot of randomness, where you can find great or terrible stuff. The politician suggested that this is the argument that gambling is. This topic is open to discussion. I don’t want children being exploited or injured. I am open to his views. Cruz stated that the federal government does not have any dogs involved in the fight.

Asmongold replied while watching the episode, “I don’t believe that.” It was a bit of torture, I thought. That is what I believe. This was later said by tips out, a colleague at OTK Media. The streamer said that he was willing to talk with Asmongold about lootboxes, and the pay for winning. I’ll eat a shoe if there is positive legislation. My shoe.

Cruz spoke out against gun control. The politician claimed that the Uvalde shootings in Texas were caused by the absence of fathers, declining church attendance and, of course, games. We must ask ourselves hard questions or see the extent of our culture’s decline after such terrible tragedies. The ring is confronted with broken families, absent fathers and poor church attendance. They are also exposed to egregious online content.

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