SFSF’s for data centers in both Castrol and Submer will improve the immersion LSS for data center staff

Castrol, a subsidiary company of BP, and its motor oils has teamed up to produce cooling systems using Submer. This will create a continuous cooling system to cool data centers. They also announced the creation of dielectric fluids to be used in immersion systems. These fluids are highly sought after in heat-generating data centres.

This collaboration will reduce electricity and water consumption in cooling and operating the data center. Submer’s long-standing expertise in heat transfer management is expected to be combined with Castrol’s.


Image source: Ian Battaglia/unsplash.com/Battaglia/unsplash.com.

Submer says that the main incentives to switch to LSSs include the introduction of advanced chips that are high-performance and heat dissipation. Cooling systems are impossible for traditional systems. The need for cheaper, more durable data centers was a major motivator. Immersion is more efficient than absorbed heat, which I believe is very valuable.

Castrol provides flow of fluids to heat transfer systems in single-phase immersion. Castrol claims its fluids are more resistant to oxidation and less oxidizing than other brands. It is liquid 3M, which is very popular among LSS developers. Similar products are offered by Shell, Solvay, and other companies.




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