Shazam Fury of the Gods – Warner postpones the start date of part 2 by a few days

Warner Bros. has announced the date for the release of Shazam! Fury of Gods has been pushed back by a few days from the date of the 16th of December to the 21st of December. The sequel has been through turbulent planning.

The film was initially planned to be screened in cinemas, however the pandemic stopped these plans. The film’s first behind-the-scenes glimpse at the film’s production the film, an announcement was made to be released in the month of June, 2023.

Shazam Fury of the Gods – Warner postpones the start date of part 2 by a few days

However, that plan was cancelled in the month of October, leaving the film to be announced for the 16th of December. According to a report from Deadline the reason behind this is because the studio has decided to avoid an immediate conflict to Avatar: The Way of Water . The two films could be released on US theatres simultaneously.

Zachary Levi will be back as the main character as well Rachel Zegler has also been confirmed in a yet-to-be-determined role. Helen Mirren will star as Hespera. In addition to the director Sandberg, Henry Gayden also is back to compose the sequel. Gayden was previously responsible for the script of the original film.

Shazam! is the story of 14 year old Billy Batson, who, by using magic and the fame of SHAZAM, is able to transform himself into SHAZAM, the superhero with that same title. Although he is still a teenager He naturally decides to discover what could he do with his new abilities. The excitement soon transforms into the dark side, however, when his paths cross the paths that of Doctor. The Cross Thaddeus of Sivana.

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