Sheva Alomar and Carlos Oliveira are coming to Dead By Daylight as Legendary cosmetics

Carlos Oliveira and Sheva Alomar, fan favorites from Resident Evil, will be added as cosmetics to Dead by Daylight in the Project W update.

Dead by Daylight has received a lot of attention recently with the announcement of the project update. This will expand its roster to heroes and villains from popular horror with a new group of Resident Evil characters including Albert Wesker. We now know, thanks to a leak, that we will receive more Resident Evil characters via the game’s cosmetics system.

@LeaksDbd is an expert at combing game files. He has also been right on the money regarding all Project W-related leaks. We will receive two additional Resident Evil Characters — Sheva Amar and Carlos Oliveira — as legendary cosmetics.

Legendary Cosmetics are reskinned that transform certain survivors into completely new characters. They even change their animations and model to match their replacement. This idea was first introduced in Resident Evil Chapter 1, which saw Leon S Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and Claire Redfield gaining the optional reskins. This allows Dead By Daylight to expand its roster with more beloved characters without the need to create full-fledged survivors.

These Legendary Cosmetics can be purchased for Auric Cells (the game’s in-game currency), in the Dead By Daylight In-game Store. These cosmetics will be different from the characters that they replace and will include animations and models of their own.

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