Shindo Life Vinland Codes – Private Servers June 2022
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Shindo Life Vinland Codes – Private Servers June 2022

Solar Smash Order 66 Achievement Guide – Step by step guide to unlocking the secret achievement Order 66 & Lightsaber


This achievement requires you to fire 66 missiles. We explain how.


Solar Smash Order66 Achievement – Steps

This is one of the most simple achievements. You just need to know how to set up your missile attack. However, once you see the solution, it will be quite obvious.

  1. Select Missile attack > select multiple missiles
  2. Set the values at 5 (Top row), 66 (Bottom line)
  3. You can destroy the world by aiming at any part of the middle

That was it, there weren’t many other options. You had to pick 66 missiles, and they had to all be multiple.

How do I unlock the lightsaber?

This is an automatic reward and can be achieved simultaneously with unlocking the Order 66 achievement. This achievement is considered one of the most powerful in the game. We recommend that you obtain it as soon as possible.

Solar Smash Order66 Achievement – Video Guide

If you are unsure of the directions or have questions, this Android Tek video guide will help you. It takes less than a minute to unlock Secret Achievement Order 66

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