Shinji Mikami says Resident Evil 4’s camera wasn’t meant to be groundbreaking

Shinji Mikami says Resident Evil 4’s camera wasn’t meant to be groundbreaking

Resident Evil (series) from the past. Resident Evil series director Shinji Mikami claims that the iconic camera he and his team developed to accompany Resident Evil 4 wasn’t supposed to be revolutionary.

In a brand new interview in a new discussion Resident Evil 7 executive producer Shinji Mikami on the official Biohazard YouTube channel, Mikami was the writer and director of the game’s fourth Resident Evil game – said the team thought that a third-person moving camera mounted over the shoulder could be better over the static camera angle that was used in the three previous principal Resident Evil titles.

The camera was to be so efficient that it was mentioned among the major factors behind the game’s critical success and its subsequent fame.

Takeuchi disclosed how the Gears of War team informed him that they had developed their game’s camera based on Resident Evil 4’s perspective. Resident Evil 4 viewpoint.

It was natural, strangely sufficient,” Mikami explained. “We were not planning to do anything new, however, everybody kept telling us that we did.

“To us, personally we simply thought that the angle was more appealing. We weren’t trying to come up with something novel or innovative and there wasn’t any of that.”

Mikami stated that the first person to praise the new camera is Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai. “He was looking at the game’s progress and asked to develop this camera system?’ ?’,” and he was able to recall.

“‘Hey I’m sure it was me.”‘This is fantastic”, he added. “‘Woah, seriously?’ I said.”

Takeuchi who was not directly involved with Resident Evil 4’s design, and was engaged in work on Lost Planet at the time Then, revealed it was because Gears of War’s Gears of War team of developers drew inspiration from Resident Evil 4. The camera in Resident Evil 4.

“During the development of Lost Planet, at our first E3, we were approached by the Gears of War team,” he said. “They were all over us looking at our Lost Planet camera.

“A group of players was asking us why we didn’t use our Resident Evil 4 camera in the game. We thought”Well, it’s just totally different from the game. ‘”

According to Takeuchi, the team informed him: “We based the Gears of War camera on Resident Evil 4’s. This is a great source to check out.”

“It’s weird,” Mikami said. “It does not really strike you, despite all the praise. It’s not like “I did it!” This isn’t going to be a success, I suppose.

“Like when you fight, when you hit the opponent in the gut even if you’re not letting them know at the moment you see the opponent slumping over in pain, you think, ‘wow it was him who got hurt, it did the trick. This actually caused it. ‘”


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