Shovel Knight Dig gets official release date with new trailer

Shovel Knight Dig gets official release date with new trailer

The long-running Shovel Knight series is coming to the Nintendo Switch and much more in September 2022.

Shovel Knight Dig the newest entry in the popular series of side-scrolling games has been officially announced that it’s set to release on September 23, 2022. The game will be available on mobile devices via Apple Arcade, and PC via Steam as well as it will be available on the Nintendo Switch.

The latest trailer is on the publisher Yacht Club Games’ official YouTube channel, but be prepared yourself for exactly the same amount of quirky funny, and bizarreness as the show:

This trailer is certainly bizarre at best. While it’s sure to be a hit with fans, it might not be popular with all. It’s definitely in keeping with the character of the show’s long run which continues to be awe-inspiring and delight.

Shovel Knight Dig, the game’s protagonist is Shovel Knight Dig In Shovel Knight Dig Drill Knight is a thief who attacks Shovel Knight which forces him to go through a tunnel to get rid of them. It also has a retro-themed theme that is a simple win for games indie because the style appeals to modern players as well as long-time fans.

Shovel Knight Dig was created by Nitrome which is best known for its array of mobile and online games. The majority of these are a bit iffy. Many fans are delighted to learn that Nitrome has made any kind of return in a nostalgic manner.

The game’s new gameplay trailer is as enjoyable and inventive as previous installments in the series, but it’s not clear the level of expectation that fans should have for something new and innovative. In the end, it’ll deliver what they want, which should be enough for the majority. These games are always quick and fun tributes to the classic 8-bit games which inspired them.

Launching the game on Switch is an excellent and welcomed move that allows gaming on consoles as well as the classic mobile experience we’ve come to expect from Nitrome.


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